Welcome to the Matt Smith's website

About Matt Smith

I'm the senior lecturer in computing at Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
You can contact me by email at matt.smith@itb.ie or by phone on (01) 885 1098

Matt's research interests

My resarch interests are the use of AI to support collaborative learning, and also the development of direct manipulation interfaces to support the learning of creative domains (such as music composition) by novices.

You can learn a bit about my research by looking at the slides I presented at the ED-TECH 2002 conference. (see presentation download in the right hand column...)

Matt's technical interests

Curently I'm working on the integration of the following for some cool 3D interactive 'serious' games:

Matt's personal interests

In May 2011 I took up Taekwon-Do (I'm now a yellow belt!). I manage the legacy website for the Maynooth Taekwon-Do School
And you can take a look at the new prototype website I've created (that is going live soon) here ....